Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP Membership List Policies and Practices

Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP’s use of member information is governed by the following Membership List Policies and practices:

  • Membership list will not be sold, rented, or exchanged for any purpose
  • There will be compliance with the Communications Act including not disclosing donor information to third parties and not renting donor information to, or exchanging such information with, candidates for public office, committees or organizations supporting a candidate, political parties, or organizations that solicit funds for use in political campaigns for any purpose.
  • There will be strict compliance with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting guidelines for list activities which require Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP to annually certify compliance with laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service regarding tax-exempt status, and with all federal laws and regulations governing political activity and lobbying.
  • Corporate officers of Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP are authorized and expected to take all steps deemed reasonably necessary to assure that confidentiality is maintained for all member information in its possession.
  • Members may be contacted (via electronic, phone or paper mail) to carry out necessary and normal operations. These operations include sharing of such items as membership publications, membership renewal notices, special requests for contributions, and information regarding member benefits.
  • Members may be occasionally contacted by phone or email to communicate with them regarding such matters as membership events and programming changes of special interest to their needs.
  • Membership communication will be conducted directly by Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP or through an affiliated third party, such as a direct marketing firm, acting under supervision on behalf of Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP.
  • Members’ may occasionally be sent information of interest on behalf of another organization.

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