Attorney argues there’s no proof suspect was behind the wheel in Lehigh hit-and-run

27 July 2023

Attorney argues there’s no proof suspect was behind the wheel in Lehigh hit-and-run

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — The woman suspected in two hit-and-run crashes in Lehigh Acres last Sunday had her first court appearance Wednesday; however, it’s now rolling over until Thursday.

Amber Tremblay, 33, was arrested on multiple felony charges Tuesday, including hit-and-run with a failure to stay on scene, driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.

Tremblay’s attorney argued there’s no proof she was behind the wheel.

“Is there anything within the PC or booking report that puts her behind the wheel?” The judge asked the state in court Wednesday.

The state argued that witnesses placed Tremblay behind the wheel at the time of the crash when an ATV driver was hit and had to be taken to the hospital.

Investigators told Fox 4’s Briana Brownlee after Tremblay fled the first crash, she was then involved in another crash on Bell Boulevard.

“Witnesses say they saw the woman in the pink bikini step out of the challenger and began yelling and screaming. But they don’t say they see her get out of the driver’s seat,” said Tremblay’s attorney Aaron O’Brien.

In court, Tremblay’s attorney questioned if the charges show proof that Tremblay was driving at the time of either crash. He asked whether there is solid proof that Tremblay was the driver for the first scene where investigators said she injured a 27-year-old man driving an ATV.

He also questioned the reckless driving charge.

“Speed alone is usually not enough for reckless driving,” Attorney O’brien said. “Here I would say it’s not, there’s no speed limit. There are no marked lanes,” O’Brien said;

The state responded.

“Given the type of area it is, it’s a recreational area with a lot of children and ATVs, it would be reckless for the environment she’s in,” said the state’s prosecutor.

Investigators added that Tremblay fled the scene of both crashes.

However, Tremblay’s attorney said in court, under Florida law, if Tremblay wasn’t driving—she is not obligated to stay on scene.

“Under Florida statute, it requires the driver to stay on the scene and not leave, it’s undisputed even in the probable cause that Ms. Tremblay was a passenger,” O’brien said.

Wednesday, the judge gave the state 24 hours to to piece together proof that Tremblay was behind the wheel.

Everyone is expected to report back to court Thursday morning.

Fox 4 will continue to post updates as the story develops.


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