Sean Duncan

Philip “The Messiah” Duncan is a radio personality with over 30 years of experience in the radio and entertainment industry. He is currently on WVIT 93.5 in NY, Wednesday

10AM- 12PM and Saturday 12AM – 3AM. 

The show is a mix of the best selection of various genre of music with focus on (add focus here). It features the latest news, trending stories, covering, the U.S.A., Caribbean and beyond.

 Philip aims to educate his audience while highlighting information that is inspirational, informational,  motivational, and thought provoking. His radio show features the news, topic of the day, trivia of the day, thought of the day, color of the day, word of the day and scripture.

Philip “The Messiah”, Duncan is a personality that understands today’s radio entertainment and the dynamic and rapidly changing world that we’re living in!!!

So, see you all every Monday-Friday The Suga Morning Show from 6am -10am on WSGD SUGA 95.7 FM, the station for the nation.

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