Pastor Cymbal

Cymbal Atkinson is a proud mother of four, grandmother of seven, pastor of 15 years, owner of Morning Glory Ministries Inc., and Lehigh Lawncare, Handyman and Janitorial Services, LLC. She is also a speaker, author, notary, culinary art major, and certified cosmetologist. Cymbal loves traveling the world to help with support, love, and mentorship for others who have struggled. She has been invited to speak around the world. She has a heart for feeding and providing clothing for the homeless in the United States and Jamaica. She travels to Jamaica every 6 months to help kids and single parents like herself who need assistance. Through social media Cymbal strives to share her vision of God’s word, prosperity, and mentoring. She is always lending a helping hand to anyone she sees in need. If you challenge her to a cooking contest she will win because she loves to cook and bake. Cymbal would love to travel to Italy, Rome, and Israel. She has a sense of humor and loves being a comedian. She is currently working on her book “Look What The Lord Have Done” to get it published. Cymbal loves her weekly Sunday devotion on Suga 95.7FM. Come join her!!

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