Youngsters urged to be careful of what they post online

27 July 2023

Youngsters urged to be careful of what they post online

YOUNG people are being encouraged to be responsible in their use of the Internet, as information they post online could affect their prospects.

Making the call, retired Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dezeita Taylor said videos and other content that people post for entertainment could potentially harm their career and dignity.

“Be careful of your actions. Things that you do privately can find their way into the public domain. Try not to get involved in situations which will bring you or your families into disrepute,” she said, while delivering the keynote address at the recent graduation exercise at the Rock River Primary School in Clarendon.

Urging the students to be “very protective” of their dignity and their future, she said that “things you do now can come to haunt you in later years, and you will have regrets”.

The retired police officer, who is a past student of the school, further encouraged the pupils to report any contact that makes them feel uncomfortable and not to “suffer in silence”, as systems are in place to protect them from abuse.

She further urged the students, who will be going on to high school, to never forget the sacrifices their parents made for their education, and to continue to do well to make their families and communities proud.

“This is an important milestone in the lives of our students. Thanks to all teachers and parents who have made the sacrifices and have exerted all efforts to ensure that our students are able to close this chapter and move on to greater pursuits,” she noted.

The retired senior police officer underscored that all the students have potential to do well and to achieve greatness, but they must work hard, stay away from wrongdoing, and their parents must continue to support their education and dreams.


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