Aspiring computer scientist excels with JamCoders Summer Camp experience

27 July 2023

Aspiring computer scientist excels with JamCoders Summer Camp experience

BACK in 2022 the then 15-year-old Aisha Stone started a journey with the JamCoders Summer Camp. Little did the Immaculate Conception High School student know that a single social media flyer would serve as a catalyst for a life-changing experience.

Stone shared, “Whenever anyone asks me about my experience with JamCoders, I always tell them that it is not only a lot of fun, but extremely inspirational. This coding camp allows you to believe in yourself and not be afraid to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. JamCoders is also a great networking experience. You get to interact with lecturers from multiple Ivy League schools — these are some of the most brilliant minds in coding, and they have the ability to make everything relatable and easy to learn.”

Stone attributes her love for coding and personal growth to the hard work and dedication of the JamCoders team.

Under the visionary leadership of Jamar “Chronixx” McNaughton and the entire Chronixx team, JamCoders draws inspiration from the Addis Coder program in Ethiopia, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey of discovery, growth, and innovation. With the support of renowned lecturers from multiple Ivy League schools, the camp offers an unparalleled experience that not only imparts coding skills but also instils confidence and fosters a supportive network.

Although Stone’s initial JamCoders experience began with apprehension and social anxiety, her interactions with the dedicated lecturers and teaching assistants helped her to quickly find her place. A pivotal moment for her was when Orr Paradise from UC Berkeley told her that she could be anything she wanted to be. She cherishes this moment, stating, “To this day that resonates with me, and I will always remember it for the rest of my life.”

At this year’s JamCoders camp, Stone graduated from being a coding rookie and has now taken on a new challenge as a mentor in the programme. Drawing from her own experience, she will guide and support students throughout the summer camp, helping them overcome their challenges and fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

The JamCoders camp provides a platform for high school students, currently between grades 9 and 11, to delve into the world of algorithms and programming. Over four weeks the participants can explore the wonders of coding and develop the necessary skills to participate in the field.

In line with its commitment to foster digital literacy and education, NCB Foundation contributed $750,000 to support the 2023 staging of the JamCoders camp. This investment underscores the foundation’s dedication to accelerating the digital transformation of Jamaica and expanding the country’s pool of digital producers.

“We believe in empowering Jamaicans to create digital solutions that solve local and global problems, unlocking growth opportunities to expand our economy,” said Thalia Lyn, chair of NCB Foundation. “Through the JamCoders camp we aim to cultivate a cadre of producers of digital solutions, enabling them to generate income for themselves and contribute to building a better Jamaica.”

Lyn was speaking at the recent launch of the 2023 JamCoders Summer Camp, which was held at The University of the West Indies, Mona campus.

Like Lyn, Stone believes that the JamCoders Summer Camp represents a critical step towards bridging the digital divide and nurturing a generation of innovative thinkers and creators. “I definitely see myself in a career in computer science, and I am excited about a future in coding,” Stone shared.


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