Membership Information

Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LPfriends are the listeners who can really be counted on to help in the creation and delivery of quality programming.

The Friends of Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LPare very diverse. They comprise more than 10,000 families and individuals from all over Southwest Floridaincluding Lehigh Acres, nationally and internationally on our App, Suga 95.7 FM, plus the Caribbean and South and Central America. Additionally, it embraces the many businessesthat help provide the funding crucial to our operation. This is mutually beneficial asour friends look to us at Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LPfor culturally diverse entertainment and information that helps them enjoy their day.

Every program you love and enjoy on Suga 95.7 FM, WSGD-LP, requires significant investments. Your contribution allows us to bring you those great programs, locally and internationally. Your direct financial support is therefore essential.

In short, when you contribute, your funds have a direct and immediate impact on programming. Through your support the continuous growth of the station is ensured, technologically and programmatically. But there aremore reasons to become a partner in our growth. Click Here for our member benefits page

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