Known as the “The Clever One”, you can catch DJ Yanks setting the vibes from the radio to the clubs, show performances, dance battles, special private events, and mixtapes.

DJ Yanks was born in a influential musical family with his father Beltone known as a Reggae DJ and own few record shops during his prime. Yanks has three legendary uncles that help shape Reggae music. One being Howard Barrett a singer from the popular Reggae group the “Paragons”. The other two, bass player “Family Man Barrett” and drummer “Carlton Barrett” who played in the iconic Reggae band, “Bob Marley and the Wailers”.

Yanks picked up djayin as a hobby during high school when he started to make mixtapes by exploring his talent using turntables at the age of 16. The response he received in regards to the mixtapes is what lead Yanks to realize he had a promising future in the Disc Jockey world. After high school he left Connecticut and received his bachelors in Audio Production at the Art Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that his career as a Disc Jockey would begin, he created life and vibes for club events all around Georgia. Being a part of the vibrant social life in Atlanta, Georgia inspired Yanks and few classmates to create an internet radio program called “Carib Vibes Radio”. After moving back to his hometown Hartford, Connecticut he continued his radio journey with his “Caribb Vibes Show”. Now joining the first FCC license Reggae radio station in the United States as their Program Director, Suga 95.7fm in Southwest, Florida! Catch DJ Yanks playing all your favorite hits on the all new “Suga 95.7fm” with the “Caribb Vibes Traffic Mix at Six”.

DJ Yanks reached another level in his career after becoming a Tour DJ for many artists. Having to be the opening DJ for their shows or Djaying for them personally, DJ Yanks always have a big role to cover in the artist shows.  He had the likes to work with Reggae/Dancehall acts like Dovey Magnum , Rygin King, Shenseea, Ding Dong, Govana, Richie Stephens, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Beres Hammond, Sean Paul, Chuck Fender and Mario Cheef. DJ Yanks also displayed his talent with major companies like T-Mobile, Television Jamaica and BET ! Yanks as also played in major events in Canada, Taiwan, Brazil , England, and Jamaica. 2022′ DJ Yanks received one of his biggest awards from the African Achievement Awards, “Best Afro Caribbean DJ of the Year” Watch Video Here

Dj Yanks is always looking to build his portfolio in the music industry. With that said there are always new mixtapes in the making. He is currently working with a variety of artists promoting their latest singles and building their images through his brand “Premiere Muzik”. He is developing his “Caribb Vibes Show” into becoming one of the top Caribbean radio shows. The mixtapes Dj Yanks produces serve to inspire the listeners and provoke positive feelings within them. His mixtapes are all good vibes pushing his listeners to get through their day. At an event Dj Yanks takes his audience to a different place through his music.

“Being a musician or reaching after any other career is a hard task. Don’t be discouraged by the failures that come with you striving for your goals. Stay humble in all experiences and work hard in all you do. Stay true to yourself and more importantly your craft”.- DJ Yanks

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DJ Yanks Wins 22′ Best Afro Caribbean DJ


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