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Tuesday December 22, 2020

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“ A true friend is someone who thinks you are a  good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

                    From friend to foe!

            Pandemonium broke loose and Social media world lost it’s mind when the now Queen of dancehall  Spice Grace Hamilton’s ex-friend, spiritual advisor  RT Boss leaked private conversations between the two of them on social media. He claimed to be her spiritual advisor who is responsible for her rise to fame. 

A popular dancehall artist who goes by the name Jahvinci said that “you should be careful of the friends that you smoke with and run joke with it.” This is a prime example of what the song referenced.

RT Boss exposed family secrets and rehashed old rivalry against former dancehall great Lady Saw who is now Minister Marion Hall who left the dancehall scene to walk in the footsteps of God, Macka Diamond was dragged into the centre of the dilemma and the fluffy gal Champion Pamputee was also mentioned. In the words of the late great  Bob Marley who said, “only your friend know your secret, and only he can reveal it.”

                  Reveal he did, stories after stories, receipts after receipts and voice notes after voice notes he dished to the public. RT Boss was hungry for exposure and wanted it by any means necessary. He wanted acknowledgement and thought that  Spice would’ve done so as the 2020 timeline he gave her approached.

He presented himself as a prolific reader man dubbed obeah man by social media judge and jurors.

                   After a few champagne and milk baths administered to Spice, he thought he had a safe passage to get a “buss.’ Unfortunately, this was all to no avail. He was angry and as some say he was jealous of her ascension into dancehall and on the international stage.

Convinced that his advice, champagne and milk baths were to be credited he set his plans into motion, he launched his attack in showing the public how evil, selfish and ungrateful she was, and It worked for a short while. She was dragged, she cried and denied any evil doing.

 There is a saying that you should keep your enemies close but your friends closer. It is said that whenever you are digging a pit for someone to fall in, you should dig two. I guess he forgot that part because he’s now getting his fair share of bashing.

                   It is said that out of bad comes good; It must pain his heart to know that after all he went through to disgrace and defame her she’s still winning. Her song that speaks about exactly what she’s experiencing was released by the record label she has such tumultuous relationship with and at the peak of the dilemma it is number one on iTunes. When God is ready to bless you, he has no special place to do so.  Talk about a slap in the face, once again, RT Boss Lost.

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