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December 01, 2020


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“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the “hero” within us is revealed. “

                Stanford Shaw Aka Mr Cox or Uncle Cox as he is affectionately called. A 70-year-old male who is still agile, alert, and a dedicated servant of the Lord was on the call of duty for the Lord. 

               Age is insignificant when God handpicks you to do his bidding. Hail from the opposite side of Town, Uncle Cox, the church driver was on church duty and as Buju, said “had no intention to stop at all.” God dispatched him as his divine angel who would save a five (5) year old boy who was being mauled by several dogs. 

              God strategically dispatched angels in the right place at the right time, and this incident was a prime example. Stanford Shaw who keeps and cares the church bus was escorting his fellow church members when they came upon a scene where dogs were gathered, attacking and biting what everyone who witnessed the scene thought to be a doll. Stanford however, with his keen eyesight that he still possesses saw eyes flashing with life-like characteristics of that of a human being. 

              Despite the insistence of others that it was indeed a doll, something in the eyes had Stanford uneasy and pushed him to act on his curiosity. He readily applied pressure to the brake, parked and despite the bickering from others, like a good detective he began his investigation. As he approached, he saw pain, fear, a plead for help in those eyes coupled with piercing screams. A child’s face came into view, splattered blood on the roadway, prompted him into action. Armed with whatever improvised weapon he could get, Stanford jumped into action. He hit, shouted, and did what he could, to scare the dogs off. The police were summoned as the others were in shock and dismay that the image was indeed a human being. 

                 Crying erupted, and prayers immediately went up. No one moved initially to assist as they were in fear of moving the child in that terrible state. Someone shouted instructions not to move him as it was now a matter for the JCF. 

            God intervened in the midst of the tragedy. 70-year-old Stanford will always be remembered as the local hero. Class, color, or creed matters not in God’s eyes; his angels come in many forms. Stanford at age 70 was God’s angel dubbed hero here on earth. 

            We salute you Stanford, God’s guiding angel, our local hero. Handpicked and strategically placed, at the prime spot, at the right time, by God himself. Stanford has stamped his mark with his selfless act that gave a promising young boy a new lease on life. 

“Heroism is not only in the man but in the occasion.” – Calvin Coolidge. Good M

Tara Smith- Jarrett

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