My name is Annecia, known as Nene Rose. I was born and raised in the island of Jamaica with the sweet vibrations of music, food, and old-fashioned authenticity of the sweet country life. At the age of eleven, I migrated to Canada where music, fashion, and creativity have inspired me to become a resilient, self-taught, entrepreneur. I am the founder and sole proprietor of Neicyganic, where we encourage others to go the organic way to skin and hair care. My mission is to turn on a light in a dark room for everyone that I connect with through music, food, and loving fellowship, like the good old times. With the help of SUGA95.7 FMI will reach countless brothers and sisters worldwide, through music, culture, food, and a whole lot of good times. Start your morning with SUGA95.7 FM Morning Drive and turn your day into a positive one.