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Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason

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 “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”    Mark Twain

             The world watched as the most powerful country which intervenes and try to set the precedence as to how others should operate shortcomings were exposed.

             Primetime slots were reserved, front row seats were occupied, binocular views from a safe distance were done in secret. Every talk show weighed in or gave their views. Many grabbed their cup of coffee, some grabbed their favourite blanket, cosy up to the fireplace and in the couch while tuned in to their favourite new station.

            The world watched the mighty United States of America crumble to its knees when domestic terrorists stormed the capitol. The land of the free suddenly took on a different meaning to many minorities and blacks.

               “Everyone has a right to exercise their franchise,” they say, but many were vilified for doing just that. Republicans and Democrats clashes surpassed that of the war of words and turned into fisticuffs; we watched the secret capitol transformed into a Clint Eastwood special from the wild, wild west. Guns were slung over shoulders, guns in holsters were affixed to the hips sashaying through the capitol. Some used Makeshift weapons to gain access from one level to the next, and the world watched in disbelief. A sight many would never imagine.

             Kodak moments were captured as we watched with mouth agape.

            It was obvious that blacks got the memo except for that lone oreo that was spotted. There is always that one individual some uttered. “Guess his blackness is truly skin deep,” one said. Some threw hissy fits, others expressed their disappointment, and then the pessimists smiled, thinking what the heck? It’s just another day. For the first time, forty-five was said to be the one who stokes the fire, his rhetoric with its volcanic effect was launched via Facebook, Instagram, and his beloved Twitter with whom he has a love-hate relationship.

              In presidents’ history, none has ever been beeped, blocked, banned and censored as much as forty-five.

               World leaders marvelled at the mighty USA dysfunction, some were taken aback that this was the country that portrays itself as the epitome of an exemplary nation that supersedes the rest.

              They watched white privilege on full display; we watched whites use the most powerful weapons they possessed (their skin) to execute and display their riotous behaviour in the nations sacred place. 

         Forty-five came with much fanfare, he kept the same energy throughout but left on a cloud of distaste, disunity and disdain for many. Unorthodox he came and unorthodox he exited.

         A closed chapter anticipated by many, celebrated equally by many and on the other hand, you have other loyalists who are desperate for an extension.

Many rejoiced at the end of a tumultuous era and the sweet prospect of a new dawn.

Chapter closed!


Bon Voyage

As in the last line of the poem entitled, Good-Bye written by Walter de la Mare

‘Last of all last words spoken is, Good-Bye.

Tara Smith-Jarrett

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