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Monday November 9, 2020

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No President Trump concessions…

But Kanye West conceded.

Why would we as a nation be surprised? 

Today is the start of a new week, another day without hearing a word from the President our President Elect has spoken of unification with his decades of experience in leadership we expect nothing less.  The long weekend has past and a new week has begun and still no response from the President.

It is still one nation under God the world has accepted the vote Venezuela’s President Maduro is rejoicing of President Trumps lost, but North Korea Kim Jong-Un is not.  While Covid-19 cases soars and rises in the United States, President Trump sends Obama Care to the Supreme Court to get rid of pre-existing illnesses and current health care to millions of unemployed citizens, this decision rules on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. 

Dave Chappell is Saturday night Host with the most, had me in tears this past Saturday he said, “The only way to get the point across is with jokes.”  We as a nation thank Saturday night live of easing the tension after a long week of unknowns. 

Suga 95.7 thanks the listeners for exercising their right to vote.

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