Kwéyòl Heritage Crests 2022

16 August 2022

Kwéyòl Heritage Crests 2022

The Kwéyòl Heritage Foundation (KHF) gives an early glimpse at the 2022 Kwéyòl Heritage Crests.

In a release, the Kwéyòl Heritage Foundation said it collaborated with cultural representatives from each of the four islands, to achieve the unique design of the Crests incorporating not only the flags of Dominica, Saint Lucia, Martinique, and Guadeloupe but the unifying and distinctive Madras fabric that the islands share an affinity with.

KHF will present each Kwéyòl Heritage Crest to government officials and individuals during this year’s various Kwéyòl celebration events.

The foundation also said that For those who have been recognized for Kwéyòl-related achievements for each Island, KHF will contact them shortly to discuss how to receive the Kwéyòl Heritage Lapel pins.

About Kwéyòl Heritage Foundation

The Kwéyòl Heritage Foundation is a culturally conscious global organization that strives to increase the awareness and appreciation of Kwéyòl heritage, its traditions, language, events, and the part it continues to play in Caribbean history and culture. We work with a diverse range of like-minded partners that include businesses, governments, and charitable organizations, with a proactive open exchange of information, knowledge, and ideas to help create and promote Kwéyòl-related activities and events in a meaningful and high-impact way.

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