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Today is here and the elections are 8 days and counting, we have overcome so much to this point and seems like we have two more of the longest months to go. 

It is sure to say that if not for Saturday Night Live giving us the comedic side of this life how could some of us survive the daily bombardment of the Trump administration issues coming at us through the media on all sides.  Being part of the SUGA 95.7 FM teams allows us to give the listeners a get away from this daily trials of life.

Covid-19 has real effects on individuals who call it the 19 pounds after effect of the weight gain during the lockdown and reduced work week, the stressful days with kids and spouse learning about a different side of each other confined for over this period of time. Now the walks in the park, the new memberships at the gym all in the name of health or any chance at alone time once again.

Talking to friends on the phone to the point we wonder if the conversations will end, doing things like gardening and spring cleaning every other weekend. Taking our minds off this Covid is an undertaking.

With all this Covid-19 this and Covid-19 that, we are learning to live and adapt to everything that is going on around us.  The television show industry is now airing new shows with the current format of how we are living now.  Comedy Sitcom Shows like Blackish who has also centered the story line around current events and how the black family is affected. The opening episode this season targeted the hospital front liners and gave a personal outlook on those workers and how the family at home could be affected.  Covid-19 is the subject everywhere politically, financially, personally, and medically; all these adjectives have reproduced a different setting in our lives. 

Weddings have a different face because the wedding party wears masks and the amount of people in attendance is decreased because of safe social distancing.  A bride now walks down the isle with a mask to meet her masked husband to be.  The world of sports continues in the same manner with one on one contact without the restraints of not doing something that you love to do. Some college teams have had to sit out and miss games because of twelve or more and sometimes entire teams being affected with Covid-19.  To mention University of Florida Gators had to sit out two weekends missing rival teams.  On a much sadder note, funerals have turned into a virtual reality, again social distancing being a specific pivot.  Now we are forced into saying good bye by watching the funeral on zoom or other video platforms.  Well now that Covid-19 is the new norm, I pray that effective vaccines are created so that the world can start to go back to a state of normal. There are so many situations that change our thought and activity process. 


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