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Monday January 11, 2021


 Absolute Monday
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I’m your host Epikliz

“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned everywhere is war!” Bob Marley

Hello everyone it is I Epikliz touching base with you here again after witnessing some of the most distressing behaviour ever seen this week.  I am so sorry that life gets this crazy, but it is not surprising because we live in an oppressive society that was designed to be this way. 

Here is the deal, somewhere somebody decided to create a set of rules that would make it possible for them to maintain a certain type of advantage so that they could “win” in life in a way that would make them unstoppable and at the same time making it impossible for others to achieve their full potential.  This decision was made from greed, fear and selfishness.  It was an economic position and it meant to secure a means for some to stay on top whilst pitting groups of people against each other in a way to divide and conquer.  This position was well established and maintained and over time has caused the entire world to become a place where things considered normal are absurd.

What am I talking about and how did this ever get this bad?  I am referring to the ideology of white supremacy that has been ruling the world as we know it for hundreds of years.  This assumption of race and one being superior to another that has created an unfair advantage to white supremacists and left everyone else fighting for whatever crumbs that happen to fall off their tables of deceit.

People are adaptable and can get used to anything.  The less you think about the ways you have been oppressed the more your tolerance grows for it.  When did we get this accustomed to the ways we have been unjustly treated to the point where it is hard to even tell how unjust it is anymore?  I would like to suggest it was when you were a little innocent impressionable child that had little say over the decisions that were made around you by well-intentioned adults.  The oppressive society can only function because our voices were first taken from us when we were most vulnerable.  Therefore, for us to make that change we want to see in the world today we must go back and find out where we ourselves were hurt and deceived.  How? Spend some time with a child allowing them to show you because they will.  The things that irk you the most about a child is a direct link to the ways you were hurt as a child.

As a child there were things that I swore I would NEVER do to my children yet as I became a parent, I still found myself doing some of those things and in essence repeating history.  I wanted desperately to change my behaviour realizing how destructive it was but found it almost impossible to do so.  I now understand that information alone is not sufficient to effect change.  That is, knowing something or deciding is not enough.  Everyone knows that the surgeon general warns that smoking is detrimental to your health but that does not stop people from smoking now does it.  You must decide, act and then work through the feelings attached to the behaviour if you really want to change it. I have spent years working on this and it has made a huge difference in my life and the lives of children I know.

What else can you do? Creating safe spaces for our children to flourish is the single most important thing in my opinion you can do to ensure that what we witnessed this week never recurs.  If we can raise emotionally stable aware children who can think critically for themselves and not just “follow instructions blindly” we would be on our way to solving some of the biggest challenges, we face today.  You see for this oppressive society to thrive we need to be accepting of a certain kind of injustice that makes us feel paralyzed, confused and unable to think clearly about what to do next. 

Here is the thing though, if you take the time to reflect on your childhood no matter how good it seems to have been you will eventually find and remember situations that occurred that left you feeling just that – paralyzed, confused and unable to think clearly about what to do next.  This is an old feeling that can be worked through to reveal the brilliant competent knowledgeable you that is still intact and capable of great things.  However, you are going to have to work through a lot of baggage and do some unpacking to get yourself back.  More on the “how” soon to come!

If you do the necessary, work you will find the headspace you need to be the change you want to see in the world today and you will have the clarity to be present to the young people in your life to empower them and give them the space they need to make the decisions they have to in order to support their liberation which will make it possible for them to live in a world where people are treated equally and love reigns supreme.  You see the oppression of people of colour and women and the poor, or any group for that matter can only be a thing because we were first set up to accept mistreatment as children.  So, love your children, go back and look at your childhood so you can see where you may be stuck in an “absurd normal” and clean it up!  The world is going to need some clear-thinking people to heal and that will depend on people doing a lot of hard work on themselves.  Do not think for one moment that you are exempt or that someone, some saviour or hero will come and save the day.  That “sheroe” lies in you!

“… a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people” Maya Angelou

This is Epikliz saying sayonara until next time.


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