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How do I know that I am a Successful Woman


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How do I know that I am a Successful Woman?

Hey everybody.  Epikliz with some more thoughts about life for you.  Today I would like to ask you a question and this one is especially for the ladies out there.  Please think carefully and reflect a little on it for a while before you answer.  Would you consider yourself a success?

A few blogs ago if you had been following you might remember I spoke a bit about this.  But what is success? More specifically what does a successful woman look like.

For society tends to be harsh on women and has laid out some daunting tasks along the obstacle course of our lives that are supposed to determine whether we are indeed a success. As a young woman growing up, I thought that these included but were not limited to; being one of the popular girls in high school AND an “A” student who was equally great at sports i.e. Victrix ludorum and valedictorian – or the prom queen all in one.  Following these would have been acceptance into an ivy league college and graduating at the top of the class and then landing a great job and earning more money than you could shake a stick at.  Next up was trapping the “perfect” man and buying a dream home to go with the fancy car you got from your first job.  Then of course one must have offspring because what is a woman without a few children (well ok, at least one) AND the ability to send him or her off to the best nursery/pre-school known to man (and woman) Followed by the best possible educational program with all the extra activities that a soccer mom could fit into a child’s life and a minivan.  Once I could support my child to lead a well-rounded “successful” childhood I expected that I would hopefully produce that straight A high school student who ends up in the ivy league college and lands the perfect job and then partner leading to those amazing grandkids and the cycle would be complete! Tadaaaaahhhh !! 

Suffice it to say this was not my experience.  Experience has taught me that there are much more important things by which to measure success.  Check out the following checklist and give yourself five points for each success indicator that you feel you have achieved:

  1. Ability to meet your financial commitments sans sugar daddy
  2. Ability to laugh at yourself generally more than indulging in your own private pity party
  3.  Having people in your life who you can tell aren’t part of the running conspiracy theory which plays on repeat in your head
  4. Being able to find keys – any keys – or your phone, or anything for that matter without running around like a chicken without your head for hours on end
  5. Having kids that actually like you and aren’t afraid to introduce you to their friends
  6. Having a partner who worships the ground you walk on – ok well who at least makes you feel cared for
  7. Managing to shake a leg, or some booty to keep the pounds at bay and the Baywatch body in shape
  8. Ability to be the life of the party – ok well at least to have people around who think you are
  9. Having a wider reading list than the social media platforms that intrigue you each day
  10. Having some status at work that doesn’t include being the gopher

Just to put in a little disclaimer, this was purely for entertainment purposes, and so if you even scored 5 points on this you should consider yourself a success.  Because in a world such as this if you are a woman facing systematic oppression via sexism or male domination and you can still take a deep breath and recognize that you are of importance just because you are you, then you would have accomplished one of the most significant things in the world that neither money, fame, status or else could provide.  That is a sense of who you are and in so doing the ability to make a difference in the lives of another person. Because “Success isn’t about how much money you make it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives” Michelle Obama 

So, go get them tigress.  This is your year! It is about to take off.  The challenge is simply remembering your significance and worth.  So, stop waiting to check off all the boxes that you thought needed to be checked.  Decide today that you are a success and embrace it!

It would be great to hear from you so drop a line and let me know when you realized how amazing you are and at what point in your life you decided to just live your best life.  I would love to hear all about it. So, until next week this is Epikliz saying keep on being your absolutely successful self and inspire those around you to do the same. Peace out!


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