Guest Hostess Vivette

Vivette Davis Rhone-Gause is a Trained Street Pastor with Operation Save Jamaica. She is also a Certified Counsellor for Voluntary Counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS, as well as a Certified Public Speaker and Accounting Technician. Vivette has worked in the Banking Sector for over eighteen years. She now works as a Unit Manager and Financial Advisor in the sale of life insurance and investments. and still finds time to empower, strengthen and nurture other believers. Vivette is the wife of Pastor Zenford Gause of First Love Family Ministries and serves alongside her husband in ministry.

At age thirteen (13) Vivette became a Sunday school Teacher and did so for most of her life. She has functioned as Youth President, Bible School Director and Lecturer, Assistant Church Treasurer, Chairman of Youth Council, having responsibility for seven (7) related youth ministries in addition to being a Church Council Member. Throughout her life she has been preaching, and teaching at various churches and has assisted with youth ministries and youth camps. She is also a motivational speaker and has frequently participated in various parenting seminars, workshops, and Parent Teachers associations for several inner-city early childhood education centers.