Demanie Davidson AKA DJ React. Born to DJ, Live to entertain. The beat of my heart is the beat of music.

I was born and raised in an inner city in Kingston, Jamaica. I have been playing music from an early age. The love for music has brought me through a lot of experiences some good and some bad but I have no regrets because they all have taught me valuable life lessons. These lessons are the building blocks of who I am today. I am hailed by many as a talented club DJ in Jamaica. Outside of being a disc jockey, I am a Technician and manage the business aspect of Reactive Entertainment, where we provide music for events and lay tracks for various artists as well as to provide rental for music equipment.

As a DJ the love I have for music makes me see my future has the most talented DJ Jamaica has ever seen, taking every type of music to the world, spinning beats and making memories. So, see you all every Monday-Thursday Traffic At Six The Drive time from 7pm -10pm on SUGA 95.7 FM, the station for the nation.

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