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The 34 Ways Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by NFL New
Orleans Saints cornerback Mike McKenzie. “Investing in the lives of our
youth!” We host annual football camps, sporting events, celebrity fundraisers and spelling bees
for elementary and middle school aged children in economically disadvantaged communities.
We promote health, physical fitness, community strength and hope for a brighter future. We
have maintained a substantial yearly volunteer base. Mike McKenzie has returned to his
birthplace and each community in which he has lived to seek out areas of economic
underdevelopment and to lend a hand up to more promising futures.
● Providing knowledge and support to advance youth to achieve through community
outreach, persistence, and volunteer programs to motivate their immediate goals.
Providing the conditions for positive youth development is a responsibility shared by
families, schools, and communities. The conditions for healthy youth development reside
in families, schools, and communities. Families promote healthy youth development
when they provide support.
● 34 Ways Foundation was founded as a support organization to provide guidance and
encouragement to children through football camps, activities, and programs. Our mission
is to help youth by promoting sports, academics, and other mentoring programs that build
character, teach discipline, and encourage good health and education.
● Our motto at 34 Ways Foundation is “Teaching, Reaching, and Educating Youth 4 Life!”
This goal oriented message is a simple one in that it inspires and motivates the
community to encourage the youth to attain their goals.
● The main objectives are to assess the level of adolescent participation in organizations
whose programs are designed for young people, to identify best practices and to make
recommendations to improve their involvement in decision making, as well as program
design, implementation and evaluation.
● Charter the foundation on college campuses throughout the southern states utilizing
University of Memphis as the first University to house this foundation to empower youth
as well as the students on campus. This will enable the students to participate in
community service, become student tutors at the university as well as the local high
schools. Provide the students with other resources toward upward mobility.
● 34 Ways Foundation uses sports and other various activities as a vehicle to reach out to
children and the community. We believe that children need guidance and encouragement
to turn their dreams into reality.
● The goal is to foster an environment that not only creates positive individuals, but also
instilling pride in one’s self and community.
● Give communities something to look forward to each year while leaving a lasting
impression and a more positive outlook on life for all parties involved.
University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.
Bachelor of Science, Business Management
Diploma Received- August 16, 2009
Miami Norland Senior High School, Miami Gardens, FL.
Diploma Received – June 1994
1999-2004 Greenbay Packers, National Football League, I was drafted by the Packers in the
third round of the 1999 NFL Draft and immediately earned a starting position. First career NFL
game, I captured my first interception following a career total of 15 interceptions with the Green
Bay Packers. In 2002 I signed a 5-year extension with the Packers. Following a contract holdout
that lasted until mid-September, on October 4, 2004. I was traded along with a future draft
choice to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for third-string Quarterback J. T. O’Sullivan and a
second round draft pick. I spent four full seasons with the Packers, starting 67 of 69 career
2004-Present New Orleans Saints, National Football League, Immediately following the trade,
I became the Saints starting right cornerback for the final 10 games of the 2004 NFL Season. I
also led the club in interceptions from 2004-2008 with 12.
● Awarded the 2009 New Orleans Saints “Defensive Player of the Game”
New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints
● Mayor’s Award, “Keys to the City” Award in Lake Charles, Louisiana
● Awarded the 2007 New Orleans Saints Defensive Player of the year.
● Mayor’s Award, “Keys to the City” Award in Miami Gardens, Florida
● Mayor’s Award, “Keys to the City” Award in Miami Garden, Florida
● 1999 All Madden NFL Team Award
● 1999 All Rookie NFL Team Award
The 34 Ways Foundation came into existence in the year 2001. Its founder, Mike
McKenzie, started the foundation in hopes of helping the less fortunate in their attempts to a
better life through education. Mike McKenzie and the 34 Ways foundation strive to be premier
providers of sports and educational experiences to economically disadvantaged children in the
Miami, FL.; Memphis, TN.; and New Orleans , LA.; areas. The 34 Ways Foundation is a free
flowing organization where ideas and thoughts are welcomed and expressed openly. Volunteers
are a critical component of our success and consist of college athletes, high school coaches, and
high school students.

To make a donation, volunteer, or sponsor our program, please visit us at

34 Ways Foundation
P.O. Box 308
Middle, Louisiana 70004

Phone: (305) 625-2478

34 Ways Foundation is all about the Kids & their future