Suga 95.7 WSGD FM The Station for the Nation


Why sponsor SUGA 95.7FM

A Caribbean, R&B, Hip Hop and Gospel Fm Radio Station is your premiere station in Lehigh Acres Florida.

Our radio station which launched this year has truly become the go-to station to listen to in Lehigh Acres and the United States (via our online app). For over 10 years, Florida and other parts of the world have identified Sumarrase, Inc. as the company known for music, news, information, and cultural diversity through musical programming and sponsorship..

Our reach is Black or African American 16,707 19% of Lehigh Acres  total population, Hispanic or Latino 29,797 34%  and White 58,545 67%  we also reach a myriad of internet broadcasts and other forms of digital media across the U.S. caribbean Islands and abroad.

The benefits of sponsoring SUGA 95.7 FM

SUGA 95.7FM strives to bridge the gap between people of different cultures, and enables listeners to “have a musical voice”.  Our powerful programming provides a trusted pathway to promote your brand and product messages. As a sponsor of SUGA 95.7 FM, you’ll reach a highly desirable demographic of  radio listeners, consumers, decision-makers, opinion leaders, and upscale consumers. We believe that sponsorship is most effective for your business through our programming. Our station is “ The Station For The Nation” we program for all races, and we are mostly entertaining  Lehigh Acres diverse cultural community. This in turn will further your business mission to promote your brand corporate/product brands that are.closely associated with cultural diversity.

Sponsor messages stand out in our unique environment.  

SUGA 95.7 FM offers its sponsors 15 – 30 second sponsorship opportunities.

We work with our sponsors to develop affective messages that can highlight product and corporate initiatives, ensuring you make the most of your sponsorship while supporting SUGA 95.7 FM.

Sponsorship packages go beyond broadcast.

In addition to on-air credits, major sponsors of SUGA 95.7FM programs gain access to custom components, like presence on our websites and apps(e.g., Flip board), host visits, and content sharing. We work with your team to develop a comprehensive package that will meet your specific needs.

Sponsorship offers proven effectiveness. 

Through our unique branding approach, sponsors have seen increased brand awareness, by Web traffic, and sales.

Being a Sponsor WSGD SUGA 95.7 LP FM is beneficial to your business and the community!

Contact us to find out more about sponsorship.

3507 Lee Blvd Suite 254, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971
Tel: 239-369-wsgd9743 | Request Line: 239-369-suga7842