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Adanita Ross, born in Brooklyn and raised surrounded by music. Adanita started singing at the age of 10 but she started pursuing her music career when she was 16 years old. During the years she has encountered a lot of great opportunities and a lot of great artists.

Just to name a few of Adanita’s accomplishments:

Sings the 10th Anniversary comic view theme on B.E.T Performed @ L.L. Cool J’s benefit Toured with C&C Music Factory as the lead female vocalist Offered the role of Mimi in the hit play RENT

Featured on:

Wordsworth mirror music album, Punch and Words LP, EMC (Album)

Background vocals for artists:

Lissette Melendez, Safire, Brick game and more…


Hal Jackson’s Talented Teens, Ophelia Devour Competition


98.7 Kiss FM, 105.5 The Beat

Won the title in her town as 2005 Idol of a competition that is ran just like American Idol! Adanita loves a challenge! When she’s asked to sing she goes right for the big ballads, like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. “What’s the point of being blessed with a gift you don’t fully master?

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