Scorpion: The Record Setter

By: Lakayla Boseman |Published July 12, 2018|

So far in 2018, Hip- Hop has been full of new albums. Established rappers are showing us why they are so successful on the Hip-Hop scene. New rappers are showing us that the future is bright. However, between all of the new albums, no Artist has dominated the Hip-Hop and Rap scene like Drake. With his hit single God’s Plan, and his record-breaking album Scorpion, his ability to dominate the Hip-Hop and Rap Scene is amazing. Drake first gained traction in 2018 with his hit single God’s Plan. God’s Plan has been Rap’s top selling and most streamed single in 2018. (Via Billboard) Just when the Rap scene thought Drake couldn’t do any better, he released his eighth studio album called Scorpion. Scorpion debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. (via Billboard) That makes Scorpion, Drake’s eighth album to debut at Number One. This is a record tying event. Drake is now tied with Eminem and Kanye West for eight consecutive Rap albums to debut at number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Scorpion’s success did not stop there. A week after Scorpion debuted, Drake broke the streaming record Post Malone set just a month before. Scorpions was streamed over 745 million times on all major streaming sites, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. 745 million streams blasts Post Malone’s record of 431 million streams in just one week. (via Billboard)

Overall, Drake has dominated the Hip- Hop and Rap Scene in 2018. However, the year has six more months. Will another rapper come and top Drake? Or has Drake finally cemented himself as one of the best rappers alive?


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