Rapper in Turmoil

By: Lakayla Boseman Published|7/30/2018|

Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of the most controversial modern rappers. Whether it’s random rap beef or criminal charges, 6ix9ine seems to always be caught in the middle. Unfortunately the month of July has been no exception for the “FEFE” rapper. Just a few days ago, 6ix9ine claimed he was leaving a music video shoot when he was taken into a black sedan, driven to an undisclosed location, pistol-whipped,dropped off back at his baby mother’s home. Except they weren’t finished. He then claimed that the criminals made him enter his baby mother’s home and call someone to bring him cash and jewelry. He would then give those valuables to the thieves. However the robbery did not take place because the rapper was eventually able to escape and report the crime to the police. (Via: Hot New Hip Hop)

This report has spark some serious speculation. Loyal fans to the “Oof” rapper are sure that he was being honest. Giving him sympathy and reassurance. Others are not so sure. Media sites reported that 6ix9ine was pistol whipped. He reportedly never mentioned that to the police. This created the speculation of whether the artist was being truthful about this crime. (Via: Page Six) 6ix9ine isn’t taking any chances though. While he is on tour with Future and Nicki Minaj, he increased his security via increasing his number of bodyguards and weapons. This is all seen in an Instagram video the rapper posted to his official page. In a video he captioned; “MIAMI I’M HERE.”, the rapper gets out of an suv surrounded by a line of bodyguards, he then walks to an SUV and gets in the SUV where he flashes multiple firearms. Whether or not the public believes 6ix9ine does not concern the rapper as it’s clear he views his life as more important than others opinions.

Sources: HotNewHipHop/Instagram/Page Six

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