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Birth name Andrei Pavel Walters born September 20th 1984 (virgo) same year Michael Jordan
was drafted in the NBA, i was born at the Spanish Town hospital in st. Catherine JAMAICA
then move to PORTMORE WATERFORD when I was just a few months old. Fell in love with music
from the tender age of five, remember watching my older brother Mark Hamilton mixing and
he was also the master of ceremony(MC), it was fun, entertaining and just overall incredible
watching my bigger brother go to work and that’s how I feel in love with the game. Fast
forward 8 years I’m now 13 years old attending Calabar high school this was when me and a
few of my neighborhood friends I grew up with started a little party sound system we were
called the Patriot sound system, it was consist of four members only two of us are currently
still in the business Andre Mullings aka (dj star time) and yours truly Andrei Walters
aka (da black pearl dj prime tyme). Didn’t really take it as serious as I should have reason
being everybody else could be out after 12minnight at the age of 13 my parents was not having
that so a lot of the little parties we got booked for I was unable to attend, the only ones
I remember being at is the daytime shows. After leaving Calabar at 9th grade i attended Camper
down high school for a semester and moved on to Bridgeport High School for two more semesters
and that was my highschool days. After leaving high school a started playing basketball for
the Tivoli Allstars I did two and a half seasons from 2003 – 2006 and that’s when I migrated
to the United States spring of 2006 I came here right after my grandmother’s funeral bitter
sweet moment I was happy that I was coming to the States but was still sad about losing my
grandmother(Miss Amy white). Up on arriving in the Big Apple Brooklyn to be exact it was
definitely a culture shock it was amazing to me to see how much none Jamaicans embrace the
culture always thought that was cool still do, so now I was on the party scene just going
to parties drinking having fun didn’t even think about being a Dj said to myself I left that
chapter of my life in Jamaica but I went to this one party and dis Dj was maybe the worst
I’ve ever heard in my life so I asked someone isn’t this guy getting paid to be here they
said yes and that’s when it hit me these guys are getting paid to play at parties and there
not even average I was like I’m average I could make some money too and that’s when I got
back into it 2008 2 years after I got here. The first sound system I ever got to play on
was the golden touch sound system from Flatbush Brooklyn with Dj Trevor Dj Chinee after
that I moved on straight to the baddest team alive #teamclubkillaz, move to Florida like
around October of 2013 I continued and I brought my team name too Florida and the rest is

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