Mura Masa’s “Move Me (ft. Octavian)” is the Slept on Song of the Summer

By: Samuel Rosean |Published 7/9/2018

Beat-smith extraordinare Mura Masa, probably know best for his work with ASAP Rocky, Vic Mensa, and the UK”s own Stormzy, returns with his secret summer anthem, hidden in plain sight. Featuring the up-and coming UK MC Octavian, fresh off his Drake cosign, “Move Me” is the kind of lowkey summer jam that keeps a party moving effortlessly. Working his way amidst the lumbering rhythms and subtle guitar flourishes, Octavian raps along like water. Trickling down the song’s relaxed creeks and canyons. He fills out that demands-to-be-played-on-speakers beat work from Mura Masa with a presence that gives it genuine weight. Turning the background party beat into something anthemic.


“And now you’re trying to move me”


The video, lingering at just under a million views in its second week, is an incredible ode to the rapper’s East London origins, and sets the city up as the ideal place to wait out those summer evenings. Filled with the greys and browns that define the city set against the vibrant yellows of the video’s subjects. But it’s perfectionism is just bubbling under its possibilities right now. And much like the break-out single from Octavian last year, Party Here, which took a full two months to start finding its audience, there’s a strong chance that it may take months for everyone to catch up and find what kind of mood Mura Masa and Octavian are painting right now.



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