Lauryn Claps Back

By: Lakayla Boseman |Published 9/5/18|
Lauryn Hill has finally responded to the allegations of music theft. A few weeks ago, Robert Glasper accused Lauryn Hill of stealing his colleagues music during the production of Hill’s smash hit album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Hill fired back in a Medium article posted Monday night. In this article, Lauryn began with an explanation to why her response was late. She said she wanted the 20th anniversary of the album in question to pass. Hill than began her side of the story. Hill insisted she kept a close eye on the artists she worked with in 1998. She also tried to incorporate suggestions from the artists  during production. However, Hill remained firm in her belief that she wrote her own songs on her 1998 smash album. According to Hill, her only issues in 1998 we’re being too inviting, to open, and keeping artists around longer than she should have.

Hill eventually turned her pen back to Glasper asking him why he would collaborate with her when he accused her of theft. She ends her comments on the controversy saying that no matter what, her name is the breadmaker. So her priorities are naturally above any of her coworkers.

You can read Lauryn Hill’s statement in its entirety here: (Medium)

Source: Medium/The Young Empire


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