How High?

By: Lakayla Boseman |Published: 10/22/2018|

The classic film How High is finally getting that long awaited sequel, How High Two. In the works since 2013, fans have long awaited on this film to extend the legacy of the 2001 smash hit. However despite the success of the first movie,  the two original actors, hip-hop artists Redman and Method Man are not set to star or even have a single appearance in the movie. The movie will star platinum selling rapper Lil Yachty, and a slew of other rappers including Lil Baby, Tiny, and Wild ‘N Out and social media star, DC Young Fly. The movie also stars reality stars like NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, and Shekinah Jo. This is a interesting yet youthful change from the original cast, however the old cast seems to have no issues toward the new actors themselves starring in the sequel. When fans wanted an answer as to why Redman and Method Man were not in the movie, the two rappers told the Grass Routes podcast that they did not own the rights to the film, so Universal Pictures was able approve a sequel without their consent. Their team had no issue slamming Universal

Pictures. Funk Doc slammed the company saying, “ my thing is, you have Red and Meth’s brand that help build and create this… those are all our ideas,— when the deal came about we weren’t involved in it.”
Despite the hesitations from the past, the film will keep the same storyline from the 2001 hit. The film will feature a boy named Roger and his younger brother. Both played by Yachty and Fly respectfully. These two boys will attempt to start up a munchies delivery service, getting into some interesting trouble along the way. The movie expects to deliver an interesting modern twist on a classic film.

How High Two is being written by Artie Johann, Alex Blagg, Shawn Riles, and Neel Shah. Coach K and Lil Yatchy, both from the record label Quality Control, will serve as executive producers while Bruce Leddy is set to direct.


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