Former Manager of Gully Bop Writes Autobiography

By Julia Jackson | Published 7/2/2018

Shauna Chyn, prior girlfriend and manager of Gully Bop, will be releasing her published autobiography later this year.

I’m Legend: History of the Legend describes the hardships Chyn had to surpass in order to be where she is today.

“It speaks about my journey, about me becoming an entertainer. I got bashed and humiliated a lot but I continue to put in the work until it is now starting to pay off. I may speak about the relationship with Bop or probably not; the fans will just have to wait and see,” (The Star).

Bop and Chyn met in September of 2015 after a freestyle video went viral. They shortly became engaged however an alleged abuse video caused the couple to end their engagement.

Chyn isn’t the first novelist. Artists Miss Kitty, D’Angel, and Macka Diamond have stories of their own.

Source: The Star

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