Fans upset at Spice

By:Lakayla Boseman

Fans were extremely upset with Reggae and Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Spice after she wiped her Instagram account clean and posted of herself with significantly lighter skin and blue contacts. The caption under the photo stated that a fresh start was needed and that fans should preorder her new mixtape, Captured. The post sparked immediate controversy and even some fan backlash.

Spice’s team saw the social media backlash and told TMZ that the photo was from a photoshoot. The goal of the photo was to promote her new song Black Hypocrisy, and encourage fans to preorder a Spice’s new mixtape Captured. Spice’s team then confirmed that Spice did not actually bleach her skin.

The skin bleaching controversy powered Black Hypocrisy to to number one on the United Kingdom Reggae iTunes Chart. You can view the official music video here.


Sources: Instagram/TMZ/YouTube

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