Ever been to Havana?

By: Brynn Rask |Published 7/9/2018|

“Havana” peaking number one for Billboard on January 27th 2018 for a full week; and spending 45 weeks on top pop charts “Bad Things” ranking as Billboard’s number four spot on February 11th 2017; and continuing to appear on the charts for 23 consecutive weeks.

“Never Be The Same” as number six spot for Billboard on May 12th 2018; and still appearing on charts for 27 more weeks.

The artist of all these hits has appeared on popular tracks with artists like Shawn Mendes, Quavo, and Pharrell Williams. Have you guessed which singer/songwriter is behind all of these chart toppers? Camila Cabello.

The singer was first on the musicradar as a group member of “Fifth Harmony”. Since leaving the girl group in December of 2016 and dropping her first LP her solo career has since skyrocketed.

Cabello teamed up with singer Shawn Mendes in 2015 to create the track “I Know What You  Did Last Summer” and it became her career staple. She then teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly on the track “Bad Things” which reached number four on Billboard’s Hot 100. All of this success helped her when she launched her next album, “Camila” of January 2018.

Her latest album, “Camila”, was fighting with “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack for the number one spot on Billboards 200 for the most popular album of the week. That is a very impressive chart to top and a hard soundtrack to beat out for that spot.

Camila Cabello has proved her wealth and success as a solo artist. She has become a chart topper, someone artists choose to feature on their solos and albums, and has enough fans and recognition after going solo only two years ago.



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