Chacne the Rapper DOES Have the Juice

By: Brynn Rask |Published 7/17/2018|

A lot of people have been following Chance the Rapper starting from his first album, “10 Day”, where on the cover he is looking up at the rap game. Then to “Acid Rap” where he is looking forward at the rap game on the album picture. Then finally to one of his best albums yet, “Coloring Books”, where he is looking down on the rap industry. These are all subtle hints Chance has dropped to display how he has changed as an artist.

But where is Chance? He hasn’t come out with a huge album since “Coloring Books”; but could something be on the horizon? Yes. Rumor has it according to an interview with the Chicago Tribune Chance will be releasing a new music project this week.

If you have been keeping up with the latest on the music front then you know a ton of artists have been dropping bomb tracks. It only makes sense that Chance the Rapper is next in line to continue the summer music boom. The artist did point out that he will be headlining at the Special Olympics and that the album will be coming out just in time for that event.

There has also been talk that Chance will be teaming up with Kanye West who dropped his own album along with a duo album accompanied by Kid Cudi. Could this summer get any better for the music industry? So many new songs to not only blast this summer, but also hits to bring with you for back to school.


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