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By: Lakayla Boseman |Published 7/19/2018|

Busta Rhymes is currently searching for the next big thing in hip-hop. Teaming up with Doritos to create the “Blaze The Beat” Contest, Busta Rhymes is serious about his commitment to give back to the hip- hop community. The Blaze The Beat contest will consist of countless rap hopefuls submitting their own flow on Dorito’s Blaze Beat track. The contest has several prizes. The first place winner will have the opportunity to win $50,000, a chance to perform at the Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival pre-party with a unannounced major headliner, and the chance to be mentored personally by rap legend Busta Rhymes. The other four finalists will simply perform at the Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival pre-party and have the chance to be mentored by Busta Rhymes. (Via:MarketWatch)  This is an amazing opportunity for a up and coming rap artist to showcase not only their talent and hard work. This three day festival that takes place September 20th, in Las Vegas, has also attracted some of the biggest stars in music allowing up and coming rap starts to rub elbows with some influential artists and executives.

This contest continues Doritos’ #SpitFire campaign. The campaign is a way for Doritos to keep in touch with the youth as well as form connections with the hop-hop and rap industry. The campaign began with rap legend Busta Rhymes teaming up with Doritos to create the Blaze Beat track. Wanting to continue to build his brand as well as the Doritos one, Busta searched for new ways to spread the message of hip hop. Doritos added to the campaign by creating a Super Bowl commercial with several rap legends, including Busta Rhymes, for the Doritos brand. The campaign was still continuing after this blockbuster event. The only next step to take would be to discover the next big thing in rap. Doritos and Busta Rhymes are hoping this contest will do just that. (Via: The Source)

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