Banks Wild’n Out?

Azealia Banks is known for her social media feuds with several of hip-hops finest. Luckily for her, it seems as if her feud with Nick Cannon is finally being put to rest. The issue between the two rappers began after Banks taped an episode of Cannon’s wildly popular MTV show, Wild’n Out. There were a lot of segments that Banks took issue with but the main one was the So Petty segment. The So Petty segment occurred when popular comedian D.C. Young Fly, said “Nick Cannon so petty, he couldn’t get Cardi B so he got Azealia’s ugly ass” Banks took an issue with this comment immediately and responded saying that the joke was “anti-black”. (Via: Complex)  Banks drew a lot of attention to the taping by expressing her issues with the cast members via social media. Before the episode aired, Banks took to Instagram to slam Cannon over physical jokes she could have made about him, including his battle with Lupus. Cannon took the high road by posting screenshots of Banks story and stating that he would pray for her. The feud died down after that post. He then posted a picture after the episode aired in August of them together. He captioned that picture with a quote from former First Lady Michelle Obama. He continued with the caption bythanking the rapper for the boost in ratings, and directing her to a self-love theort. (Via: Complex)

It seems as if the posts from Nick Cannon have ended the public feud because Banks has yet to respond. Cannon’s two separate Instagram posts can be seem below.



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