Are 50 Cent Legal Woes Finally About to End?

Some good news for Rapper and TV Mogul 50 Cent, also known as  Curtis Jackson, he recently reached a partial settlement with the popular hip-hop news site, HipHopDX. This entire situation began when 50 Cent posted on Instagram that he sold a catchphrase. HipHopDX then posted an article on their website alleging that he did not sell that catchphrase. Jackson was upset and sued the website for using a picture of him illegally. HipHopDx fired back with a counter suit of their own claiming Defamation when 50 Cent took to Instagram to blast the website. (Via: The Blast)

While HipHopDX had the clear advantage early in the case, Jackson took the lead by partially settling the suit. HipHopDX settled for $20,000 regarding the illegal use of his picture. Jackson’s lawyer goes into detail about the last half of case saying, “We have not agreed to resolve the counterclaim filed against him at this time. We plan to aggressively litigate that matter, as we believe it is frivolous and an unfounded attempt to abridge Mr. Jackson’s First Amendment right of free speech.” (Via: The Blast)

It seems as if both parties see no permanent solution in the near future.


Sources: The Blast/Instagram

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