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A Caribbean R&B Radio Station is your premiere voice for listening and taking a virtual ride through the mainstream of music entertainment.

The great Robert Nesta Marley, known as Bob” Marley, A Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim, Ms Donna Marie, The mighty sparrow, Dennis Brown, Destra Garcia, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie, Lionel Richie, Gladys Knight, Snoop dog, Rick Ross and the list goes on and on SUGA 95.7 FM your Caribbean R&B station.

The CEO Dwayne Williams and Travis Williams has developed formats to take you from beginning to end on an enjoyable cruise of music for relaxing, partying, and economic awareness.

After strategically planning the direction of Sumarrase, Inc on November 12, 1996 the company was register in Miami Dade with the state as Sumarrase, Inc., in the year of 2000 the commission establish the LPFM service, as we wait for the FCC to Release there window, After waiting we then was relocated in Lehigh acres in 2006. While we operate under Suga 104.5 Inc sponsor by Sumarrase Inc., waiting for the FCC to open their window, The release was set forth in June 17, 2013, in October 15 thru October 29 of 2013 window was finally open that was the longest wait of my life for our radio station. The station then was approved as Sumarrase, Inc. WSGD-LPFM 95.7 in Lehigh Acres, Fl. by the FCC on February 9, 2015 as a nonprofit company,on April 20, 2015 the company name was change from Sumarrase, Inc. DBA SUGA 95.7FM.

Station website:, In addition SUGA 95.7 FM will also provide and licensed broadcast data system BDS reporter, to fulfill the need of inspiration of music to give the local community also online, and apps listeners and sponsor what they are looking for to accommodate the sound of urban AC, Reggae, Soca, Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop and old school music, News here and abroad the nation.

What makes our station different?
You can always tune in to our station twenty four hours a day and you will hear live sessions from veteran career deejay entertainers. The stations blend is formatted to give inspiration, pleasure, information, and the art form of diversity through the airwaves.

Mission statement
SUGA 95.7 WSGD-LP LEHIGH ACRES is a local Caribbean R&B community FM Radio station in Lehigh Acres, FL and online radio station will provide a diverse listenership of urban music that will be played live locally in the Lehigh Acres Fort Myers and surrounded area, and world wide area to online web listeners nationally. Deejays will play different formats to give an innovative local and global experience.

The integrated software on the website will be user friendly to always give immediate music selections Local and over the World Wide Web.Listeners will be provided with artist interviews, reviews, news, new music, and an overall in your ear interface with what is going on in the music entertainment industry. The station will also provide its listeners with up to date information on current issues. The station will be involved with community affairs and employment opportunities focusing on internships and training.

3507 Lee Blvd Suite 254, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971
Tel: 239.368.6300 | Fax: 239.368.6300

Suga 95.7 WSGD FM The Station For The Nation