50 cent’s new lawsuit

By: Lakayla Boseman  |Published 8/5/18|

Curtis Jackson, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is known for his recent financial troubles as much as musical career. Just a few years ago, the rapper filed for bankruptcy to allegedly avoid paying Lastonia Leviston six million dollars regarding privacy concerns. Unfortunately for 50 Cent he lost that battle and was ordered to pay a total of 23 million dollars over a period of five years. 17 million goes to Sleek Audio. Only six million goes to Leviston for her leaked sex tape. (Rolling Stone)
The rapper’s bankruptcy isn’t the end to both his legal and alleged current financial troubles. 50 Cent was recently served a three million dollar defamation lawsuit from the popular news site HipHopDX. HipHopDX claims that 50 Cent intentionally hurt their brand with his fans by referring to the website as fake news. The issue arose when HipHopDX reported that 50 Cent did not make make millions of dollars from selling a three letter catchphrase. 50 Cent abruptly responded by calling the website fake news. In the lawsuit they claim 50 Cent said the site was a “Bogus news outlet that does not check its facts.” They also claim that the original picture they ran with the story was purchased by 50 Cent after the fact so that he would have a case against them in court. 50 Cent has not responded to any allegations after the lawsuit was filed. (Via:Hip-Hop Wired)

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